Craftright 99 Piece Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set

* High-speed steel
* Titanium-coated
* Suitable for drilling soft metal, wood and plastic
* Edge ground

Made from high-speed steel and titanium coated for longer life, this 99 piece drill bit set has metric size drill bits from 1.5mm to 10mm

contents include:
16x 1.5mm, 16x 2.0mm, 15x 2.5mm, 10x 3.0mm, 10x 3.2mm, 8x 3.5mm, 8x 4.0mm, 3x 4.5mm, 3x 5.0mm, 2x 5.5mm, 2x 6.0mm, 2x 6.5mm, 2x 8.0mm, 2x 10.0mm

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Model Name 99 pce titanium drill bit set
Model Number 0019576
Material HSS STEEL
Weight 4.3kg

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